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Problems inserting memory

Swapping memory between PC's and both machines wont boot...get errors . Inserting memory among cables and water hoses and they seem to go in but and not correctly it seems.

Ended up putting one PC on its side and putting the memory in again and found out by putting them in this manner and inserting them carefully and pushing down evenly and then putting down on the non lever end you hear a very small click and then push down on the other end for the lever to click in a bit more loudly worked.

And have ended up leaving the Corsair Cube case on its side as the 1080ti had some very bad sag and with 3 fans at the front and 2 140's at the bottom the airflow is better ...well the temps a down a fraction Core Temp shows all my cores from 24 to 26C at the moment ( usually about 28-30C ) but its is a cool night....cant afford heating but thankfully 8C is the lowest it gets overnight down here

So anyone eles having problems inserting ram....
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