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Originally Posted by Feronix View Post
1) The front of the Phenom is completely closed. Why is there still a 5.25" bay on the inside? You couldn't acces it from the front anyway. I know it's easily removable and most people won't use an optical drive anyway but it just leaves me wondering.

2) Would it be a bad idea to drill some more holes into the sides where the front fans would intake? Would it make the case less stable or anything? And also is there no 'gap' in the bottom (of the front panel) for air to get through, and if so, would it look silly to create one?
1) The 5.25" bay is there as it is on all models that share the same original Prodigy chassis. From a manufacturing standpoint it's cheaper to leave it there than it is to press new panels without it.

2) All pretty much depends on your modding skills, but there's not too much that can be done to improve matters significantly
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