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Originally Posted by I Hunta x View Post
@Dale can you list what parts you have at the moment as some money could be saved on the gpu side if you wouldnt realy be getting an upgrade

@Dug That bundle isnt all that great, you can get better for the same money.

3770 + Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H + 8gb 2133Mhz comes to the same price as that bundle and im pretty sure it would win, Hyper threading + slightly better core architecture so faster speed for speed + faster memory

Also you can get 560Ti 448 cores for £40 less than the 560Ti you linked


the 3770 is locked in the bundles they show.
there are OBVIOUSLY alot of better options

ideally you really should be looking towards an unlocked i7

but, the 'starting point' i gave as an example is based purely on the £400 budget

and as for the the gpus, the zotac i chose, kicks the msi448 into touch in rendering terms par-for-par (see specs)
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