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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
It's not that big of an outbreak tbh. Coronavirus is a family of viruses. The correct name is nCov/COVID-19, or novel coronavirus.

It's only getting the media attention because it's a new strain that was not previously known and infecting Chinese people extremely quickly. This is because they have over a billion people in close proximity to each other.

Outside of that it's not likely, as in extremely unlikely, for it to be transported by plane or sea. Sea travel for sure would kill the viruses. Plane is possible but only if it's infected a human. It cannot survive on surfaces for long and requires a host.

Now if you were in China, yeah you'd be pretty screwed. That's why all the cases in the US where people are getting infected are coming from China. That's also why the US sent out involuntary(aka mandatory) plans for US citizens to leave China in a secure environment they set up. To prevent random travel back to the US and control all the people coming home for isolation.

So long story short, yeah I buy what I need and don't really care where it comes from... Everybody is fine so far. If you're healthy and feeling fine you are totally just that. Fine. Just check the CDC, WHO, or you're governments health department for information. Don't trust anything else. Especially media.
Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
My cat Hurley had to be put to sleep because of Corona virus, in 2005. In cats it's incurable. I gave her the best life I could, before having to have her put to sleep. Similar effect though, basically over time her lungs filled with fluid and she couldn't breathe.

Any way, I wouldn't be paranoid. That is what the news wants.

I'd also look at the facts. Some one your age has more chance of dying in your sleep dude. Flu and pneumonia are far more dangerous.

I see... Well I'm more worried about my parents, since they are both around 60 and even plus that. And we have both heart diseases and diabetes in the family. Hence me also asking here to hear your inputs.

What you wrote NBD, "It cannot survive on surfaces for long and requires a host." is something that I caught my eye on, especially after reading this (not sure at all if source is valid etc though): https://interestingengineering.com/c...ew-study-finds
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