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If you don't have lots of money then good luck. Finding your videos will be a needle in a haystack.

That link Arne posted two years ago says it all. Basically it has become a haven for money, and Youtube want to make lots of it so they only pimp their top earners.

If I search for say, a PC part review it will only list videos with enormous view numbers. You literally have to customise the search to find anything else. On my Xbox and so on? that's not even possible.

Youtube is now a TV channel, and you have as much chance of being aired properly as you do on real TV. Thinking you will earn a living out of it is very naive.

You also need to be a shill, and you need to accept that you are literally going to have to whore yourself like in any other sector of the entertainment and or music industry. Tom stopped short of that, and that is why he is not as big as people like Jay, or others who will say or do anything (including all of their over priced crap merch) to get views.

You also need to steal all of your ideas from all of the other "top bods" because that is all they do. I subscribed to quite a few of them, only to find they all make the same f*****g videos over and over on the same day. Whenever something releases (like the recent Ryzen budget CPUs) you end up getting bombed from the same 10 guys.

Also, don't think it will be easy or you will ever earn easy money on there. That's a pipe dream for 99% of people. Same people who think they can sing and go on the Xfactor to get laughed at.

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