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Cool First Water Cooled Loop

So I finally invested in a water cooled loop. Instead of buying brand new parts I decided to go look on r/hardwareswap to see if I could find some water cooling parts, I found a XSPC Res&Pump Combo, Bitspower stubby highflow barbs, a 140mm Radiator, and a XSPC CPU block. I got all of it for only $100

So I thought I would share a bit of information with everyone about my experience upgrading to a custom water cooled loop.

So to start off previously I had a Corsair H60 with a push pull set up, that was cooling my AMD FX-8320 (OC'ed to 4.5GHz) when I was idling my temps would be around 35ºC or so and I went to a hardware store, purchased a few odds and ends and put it all together in a few hours.
This is a very simple loop that still needs alot more work and just a few more things but what blew me away was the temps I was getting with such a getto ass loop. My idle temps jump between 12ºC to 20ºC and under load it has never gone over 35ºC.

Images of the Getto Loop!
I'm just gonna make a link to a Imgur Album so they dont take up the whole post.

So I guess a but of advice, if you have a bit of extra money lying around and are bored and want to learn something new I would recommend watching a few videos and then going out and finding the required parts! I am forsure no expert on water cooling but if you are thinking about a water cooling loop feel free to message me or comment and make sure to check out r/hardwareswap.

Also if there are any water cooling Guru's out there that feel like giving me some advice on what to change or what I should do next feel free to let me know!
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