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Originally Posted by stevehat1 View Post
How has the 2060 super been working for you PPD wise?

2070 super of mine has seen 2.25 mil PPD on one of the core 22 projects. Normally runs 1.3 to 1.9+ mil on other projects. Might get one more good card before retiring from this nonsense. But before that happens i'll need to get a good wireless router that will work reliably downstairs.

Anybody have any recommendations that will work well on a quite large two story home??
Lowest i've seen is just over 1mill and highs of just over 1.9mil.

I'd like to try a EVGA 2060 KO just to see if using the TU-104 (2080 & 2070S) makes much of a difference whilst folding. From the reviews i've seen the gaming performance is stock 2060 BUT the workstation performance is upto 47% faster.

I've seen the odd 2060 KO numbers floating around and they were like 1.3mill but what one person gets it doesnt always follow suit that someone else will get the same results using the same equipment + the massive variations between current core 21 & 22 wu's ppd makes my head spin.

Price wise the KO is around £50-75 cheaper than the cheapest 2060 Super so might be worth the gamble?

P.S Not all 2060 KO's use the TU-104?

RTX 2060 Super / GTX 1080
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