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Yeah I can't install it on my laptop via the MS Store because the store says it is unable to read my RAM amount and so can't verify I meet the Minimum requirement of 4GB. Might have something to do with the fact it's still on the original October update that actually released in October as opposed to the 2019 "October" update which I can't actually update to via update. Might have to force the update with a pen drive and try again since I'm getting security warnings now. But two potato PC (FX8320 and i7 3612QM [35W Ivy Bridge Quad Core]) benchmarks on the way at some point (I'm interested to see how these two 2013 architectures stack up against modern parts, I might go back and try an OC on the FX8320 at some point, used to get an extra 1Ghz over stock with that part).
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