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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Awesome!! Looks like the detail is really nice even on the test print. I'm thinking about getting into this too, so I will be watching closely for updates!
I upgraded the motherboard tonight. Took about half an hour. Will need to see a finished print to judge the difference, but the change is night and day when it comes to noise levels.

Now, the motors are near silent. The fans are now the loudest things in the system. Those may need to change at some point too, but the motors are what was most annoying.

I regret not videoing a before and after to judge the noise levels. Instead of the wizz of motors as they move, there is nothing. The fan noise is at least fairly constant, and therefore easy to block out.

I think I will keep everything within this thread. I'm looking forward to making more changes.

I will update this thread tomorrow with some comparison prints.
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