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Seasonic X-850 watt substance leakage

I received my Seasonic power supply sometime in december 2012 and I have had no problems with it until today (6th of june 2013) where when cleaning my case of dust I noticed some kind of liquid had leaked on some of the internals of the power supply and dried up. I am no expert but this started to ring alarm bells with me as I had looked at the back of my powersupply many times and had never seen this 'leakage' before. I am running everything at stock and the only other problems I have had were the occasional blue screening caused by audio issues with my onboard sound chip not agreeing with battlefield 3.
Here are some pictures of the liquid sorry about the quality/focus.

What should I do?
Should I return it as this power supply has a five year warrenty?
Is this a common problem?
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