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Hey all

Well, not really that new, but an introduction is probably due :#

I've been into computers since the early 1980's - ZX81 was my first - never overclocked it LOL. I used to type in the programs from magazines and then spend ages finding the typo's I'd made, or worse, the typo's in the magazine. Even got a few 2 - 3kb games optimised to run in 1k - always made me proud that.

I've built PC's for myself and friends since the the Pentium II days, so I've built quite a few.

These days my main rig is a 4770k on a Gigabyte Z87OC with a Palit 980Ti - all these names sound like powerful motorbikes ! and it's primary use is , of course, gaming !

Spent 10 years working in a marketing company and using Anabase based on a unix system, was a great job but I left data processing when the company joined the recession casualties.. Don't have a good job anymore, but hey, I feel quite lucky to be working at all.

I spend my spare time surfing the net , reading tech sites - OC3D and others too ( Some may know me from other sites), and playing BF4 - didn't like battlefield : cops and robbers and got bored of Battlefront before the first DLC came out - hope BF1 is OK when released LOL.

Anyway, I'll probably start contributing to more threads now I've told everyone who I am.

(sorry, when I started I wasn't intending to write a freekin' essay).
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