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Originally Posted by jimma47 View Post
My question is now a matter of trust. How long do these things last? I'd rather replace it before it potentially kills other components being that the cooler is now way out of warranty.

I know it's kind of like asking how long is a length of string and AIO's are relatively new in the scheme of things but any advice is appreciated. There's no grinding/rattling etc I'm just worried about the hose or connections eventually perishing.
It's really hard to pin point an exact expiration date for any electronic device, mostly due to variance in usage, but in a perfect world scenario it should last the warranty period. With that said, regardless if you are running an aggressive OC and work load or just use your rig once or twice a year to check emails, all our AIO's come with a 5yr warranty unless it's refurbished, then it is 1yr. Anything happens in that time, submit a ticket and we can get it replaced.
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