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Originally Posted by jbonnett View Post
No I think you missed my point with setting the price, I mean setting the margin, not the dead price. Apple sets a margin on the products that they sell. It's not price fixing but creating a better market by not allowing retailers from setting sky high prices at demand by stock piling. Apple started doing that with the iPhones because that is where it started with the retailers for them. Why do you think that you pretty much see the same prices for Apple products everywhere!?
Apple is a tier 1 customer of TSMC and as such gets earliest access to their latest technology and therefore earliest orders in. Apple put in their order for all their products at least 12 months in advance. TSMC is contractually obligated to meet their demand. They therefore already taped out their entire production line to fulfill that demand. So everyone else must use that remaining production capacity leftover from all the tier 1 customers.

Nvidia, MS, Sony, AMD, etc must fight over 7nm alongside many phone suppliers too.

As for your car analogy earlier, they don't use 7nm and TSMC doesn't supply them. Global Foundry does and other smaller unknown foundries because they don't really need more than 14nm. Heck I believe Ford even mentioned them using 40nm for their computer chips.
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