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Hi guys,

I have a few more pics to share. The cables from Merco Mods arrived a few days after the build was due for submission into the Cooler Maste CaseMod World Series competition unfortunately. I've put them in now and I gotta say they look amazing and the colours work well with the theme.

Let me know what you guys think!

Also VOTING for the competition is now live, check it out HERE.

If you've enjoyed this build log and like how the build turned out please leave a vote. It only takes a few seconds to vote using Facebook at the link above. While you are there check out all the other builds as well.

If I'm killing anyone's internet or mobile data with all these pics, I apologise but I always try to have a nice quality build log.

Again, thanks a lot for checking out my build! I should have a video coming up in the next few days. I just need to edit it.

Leave a vote HERE.


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