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Originally Posted by jbonnett View Post
To be fair it's more the retail that I was getting at, though Nvidia and AMD can control that though choose not to.

CPUs are most certainly in demand, I have no idea how you can say otherwise.

That is assuming that car chips haven't moved on from legacy chips in there latest models.

Not only that the market isn't being treated in the right way, the market is targeted at gamers, though mining and professionals like videographers and machine learning .etc are also buying up these cards, but rather than treating them as a separate market they keep allowing them to overlap which is indeed a form of price fixing as the demand for one rises the demand all. Gamers will be a far lower demand than the other markets, pricing them out.

That will just kill PC gaming off. Why build a PC when you can buy a console for around £500 with the same power or more than the low to mid tier range GPUs when said GPUs are around £800, not only that you have to have a decent PC to put that card in, which inflates that cost to more like £1600+.
Nvidia/AMD cannot force pricing on retailers. That is, by definition, price fixing. People can charge what they like for products. Your post title is about AMD/NV price fixing, which I have already stated is not the case.

As far as cars go, no, they do not need leading-edge lithography. Outside of self-driving/assisted driving cars, not much compute power is required in that market. For the most part, carmakers can use older nodes.

As far as your point regarding Videographers, professionals and miners go, Nvidia markets to creatives a lot. GPUs are general-purpose computational products, and people can use them for whatever they like. Same with CPUs.

While CPUs are in demand, they are not as in demand as GPUs. There is a reason Intel made less money last quarter than the prior quarter (IIRC). If there was a real shortage there, Intel would still be laughing all the way to the bank.
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