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Originally Posted by Unframed View Post
During his Cinebench run his CPU hit a max of 45°C. I know its a short test but when i do it mine it reaches 70°C, both being the 5930k. He is saying he is using the H100I in the video but you are not seeing it at any point, so I guess I have to take his word on him using that. Also he is using auto voltage.

Ill try and do a run with my voltage set to manual and see what happens.
I very very very much doubt his is auto. My pc is is cooled by a ridiculous amount of fans and as I said, even at stock speed and auto setting I hit 60C in cinebench.

There is a nice guide on here how to undervolt your CPU. I suggest you give it a go and then try cinebench again. Once you are satisfied and confident you can start playing about with overclocking your CPU.
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