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CalVic 10-05-17 10:44 PM

Hardware Thrown Out
So my lovely parents decided to throw out the following items that I had stored there while I had moved into my new house...

Corsair AIR 540
EK D5 140 XRES
Alphacool UT60 Radiator
Cuplex Kryos XT
Various compression fittings

Oh, and other hardware too..

Fuming, as that was expensive, and I was looking at going custom loop again this summer and would have become handy. Le sigh.

Dicehunter 10-05-17 11:10 PM

Why the heck would they do that ?

I always thought asking someone "do you still need this" would be the polite thing to do before you throw it away :eek:

Avet 10-05-17 11:18 PM

Well my mom throw away some of my stuff from my old room along with old GPUs and motherboards that i wanted to frame up with a comment:"they were broken, why would you want them". If you don't specify not to throw out something there is a chance it will end up in garbage when your parents decide they need that bit of space.

AlienALX 11-05-17 12:45 PM

This happened to me once. I was absolutely devastated.

About a year after I got to the USA I bought a cube chassis. This was ooo, around 2000? I originally built a dual P2 Xeon rig into it. It all worked well :)

Then at some point I bought an Abit mobo, AMD Duron 900mhz and some ram. I was really poor at this time, and something didn't work. Looking back now I am pretty sure the used Duron was the cause, and that the die had cracked on it (common fault on AMDs when not mounted correctly). I also bought a second mobo, but the problem persisted. So I had the cube case, two brand new boards, ram, a Hercules Geforce 3 and an expensive sound card (Turtle Beach, based on the Crystal chip). All very high end gear. Plus a PSU and other spare parts.

I moved from my mother in laws house to my father in laws and she forking bunged the lot. Seriously, I don't think I have ever been that close to murdering an in law and they pulled some pretty crappy stunts over the years.

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