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PawButtox 08-01-15 05:57 PM

New Gaming/Editing Build!
• Where are you located? England
• What is your budget? 1000-1500
• Will you need a monitor, keyboard, and/or mouse included in that budget? No
• Shall you be requiring an OS? No
• What will you be using this rig for? Gaming, Recording and Video Editing
• If gaming, what resolution will you be playing at? 1080p Unfortunately
• Will you be overclocking? Yes
• Do you need a full build or will you be reusing some old parts? Full Build (Except Re-using some HDDs/SSDs)

Extra Information:

I have already conducted a list of parts but I'm just asking if maybe you could review them.


NeverBackDown 08-01-15 06:13 PM

Drop that PSU down from 1000w to about 650watts.. You are just wasting it for a single 980.

RadeonHDx 08-01-15 06:16 PM

That looks like a very good selection of parts to me :). You don't need a power supply that powerful and will lose efficiency in the PSU because you have so much headroom. Your system will pull just 300w at stock so something like a 750/850w model of any good PSU will be perfect for you.

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