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LukasKnd 07-04-17 03:25 AM

2700k overclocking help
Hey guys been trying to overclock my cpu but im having some issues. The issue is that after running a stress test for about 1minute my cpu clocks go down to stock 3500mhz and then it keeps jumping back and forth between 4800mhz and 3500mgz. I am thinking it might be a problem with my motherboard vrms not able to work at that voltage? My motherboard is Asrocks z68 pro3 gen3. Here is a picture of my cpu clock while running strees test:


As you can see after 1 minute we start to see clocks jumping back and forth. and its definitely not cpu temps im reaching maximum of 77c using core temp.

what the hell is going on?

LukasKnd 07-04-17 03:45 AM

Tried to dial down the overclock from [email protected] to [email protected] and now it went on for 5minutes without clocking down:


Did one more test on 4.5 same result 5minutes and then downclocking:


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