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WYP 09-02-20 08:32 PM

Wyp's new News Rig with a Classic OC3D Enclosure
As many of you already know, jamesriley94 has generously given me his old Corsair 600T case, an old OC3D competition case from 2013.

As the proud owner of this new case, it is only appropriate that a build log is started to show my fellow OC3D'ers what happens to this coveted enclosure.


- Side Note - James asked for a charitable donation when he gave away this enclosure. To be true to that agreement, I donated money to a charity my mother runs called Inspired Hope Uganda.

She returned from her latest trip there (yesterday) and has informed me that the donations were used to help fund a project within an underdeveloped area of the country. I will be able to give a more detailed explanation for what this money went towards after I next speak to her in person.

This custom Corsair 600T will become my new work PC, which is the home of OC3D News. I'm appalled to discover that my current PC is nowhere to be seen on these forums, so before we start looking to the future, it's best to look at what I currently use.

Today's OC3D News PC

My current PC sits within a Phanteks Evolv MATX Chassis, a white model which I have customised with an Obi-Wan Kenobi decal. This decal is supposed to be human-sized to fit onto a wall, but I convinced the artist to print me a smaller version for this project.


On the other side, this case features a MK1 Clone Trooper decal, which is what gave this case mod its name "Trooper". This PC is designed for work, and this PC has served me well during its time of service (which I think is almost 4 years years now, maybe?).


Originally this case started out with an old Skylake 6700 that I purchased online. Later I shifted to X99 with an i7-5820K processor.

MATX motherboards are rare on X99, and this motherboard was purchased at overclockers UK as a warehouse deal. Unfortunately, this motherboard only supported dual-channel memory. I left this motherboard sitting idle/unused for a while, so it was too late for me to get it returned to OCUK. That said, it has worked fine in dual-channel mode since I started using it about two years ago. Its a Gigabyte GA-X99M-Gaming 5 and I don't really recommend it.

The CPU cooler I used was a Noctua NH-D9L, which is more than enough to run my current processor at stock speeds. Yeah, overclocking would be nice, but for work, I need rock-solid stability. I also don't edit videos, so overclocking won't benefit my workflow very much.

GPU-wise I use an old Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, the first Maxwell series graphics card. This was the release which really pushed Nvidia performance/watt up a notch, and pushed AMD firmly into second place ever since. It looks like AMD has started to turn things around on the graphics side, but it was Maxwell that gave Nvidia their biggest advantages today.

I also use an ASUS Strix Soundcard and power this PC with an old XFX XTR Gold Rated Power Supply, which I got for free with my Radeon R9 Fury X when I bought it from eBay years and years ago. I think it's a 550W model. I think, haven't checked in ages.

TBH, this PC was just cobbled together over the years with whatever parts I could find. Hopefully this time I can create something with a little more flash.


New Rig - The Case

jamesriley94's custom Corsair 600T will become the new enclosure for my work PC, and this case is MASSIVE (Xbox One gamepad for scale).


This case features everything a PC user could ask for, a built-in fan controller, four USB 2.0 ports, Firewire (Ooooooo) and a USB 3.0 port.

USB 3.0 was very new when this case released, so it relies on a USB Type-A header on the other end, not an internal USB 3.0 header. This means that I will need to purchase an adapter.

Part of me wants to get a Firewire device, just for the lols.


As you can see, the original artwork on this case remains intact. Almost perfect after a little bit of cleaning. I remember entering the competition for this back in the day, its kind of amazing that I get to own this now.


And here's something your new case probably doesn't have, optical bays. I still use a blu-ray reader, so I will be making use of this big bad optical bay. If anything I think this will add to the older nature of this enclosure.


Back in the day, TTL added a beefy Birfenix 200mm fan to this case. Why? I'm guessing because it's white. I still need to remove this fan to give it a little dusting.


And finally, I have this motherboard, which is what I will use initially for this new build. Just transfer things over to the new motherboard and case for starters, then we can get into custom mods and hardware changes.

I recently purchased a 3D printer, so any ideas on custom mods that I can build for this system would be welcome. A thread on this printer is available to read here.


Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing the comments on this.

Wraith 09-02-20 08:44 PM

I remember this Case when it was given away many moons ago I drooled like crazy over it, glad it's still in the OC3D family and being given a new lease on life. Look forward to seeing 3D printed stuffs too.

hmmblah 09-02-20 09:05 PM

Still such a beautiful case, happy to see it'll be put to good use!

AlienALX 09-02-20 09:11 PM

Yay. They don't make em like they used to!

Excalabur50 09-02-20 10:36 PM

This is gonna be great such a classic case

Dark NighT 09-02-20 11:29 PM

Glad to see this classic case getting used for our main News Guru WYP! Looking forward to the end results!

NeverBackDown 10-02-20 02:09 AM

I'm pretty sure this case was the reason I joined OC3D way back when. Been so long I can't remember. It's cool that is staying in the family so to speak.

JLR 15-02-20 07:34 PM

I still have my black 600T in the attic. I dont have the heart to part with it :D

WYP 17-02-20 05:29 PM

Small update -

Sorry for the terrible pictures, but I needed this system up and running again ASAP.

I've just transferred the news rig to the new case. No new parts, just a direct transfer. I've realised that I will need to buy a few things to get everything set up properly.

One example is that I don't have many 120mm fans ATM. My old case mostly used 140mm fans, and this case doesn't support that. My CPU cooler also looks very small, as does the graphics card.


I don't plan to replace any of these components immediately, but getting everything inside the case has given me a lot to think about.

Strangely, my Strix soundcard didn't work on this motherboard. Thankfully, after some troubleshooting, I found that the PCIe slot it used was disabled. Had to choose between WiFi and activating this specific PCIe slot, which wasn't a big deal since I don't use motherboard WiFi.



As stated before, I want to upgrade this system with a PSU shroud. Initially, I will 3D print this with white or black PLA, but I will later hope to sand it down, fill in any layer lines and then paint the part for a better finish. Initially, I will just use the 3D printed part as-is.

I also hope to move the HDD and SSD below the PSU shroud, which should help clean up the build.

I will need to get a USB 3.0 adapter to convert this case's USB 3.0 port into something which can be connected to my motherboard. I'll also see what I can do about blackening the cables of the 600T's stock front panel connections.

Right now, everything is just thrown into the case to get an operating system running as quickly as possible. The next step will be to tidy up the system and acquire the parts I need to start moving forward.

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