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Pendragon 12-02-20 09:19 AM

Coming back to nVidia
So I'm running into issues with my Vega 64, I bought it around a year ago and a reasonable price at the time and for what I was using it for it was great. Last year I was running Linux full time and not gaming as much give AMD Linux drivers support the Vega 64 was a good choice.

OK, things have changed, I'm running Windows on this PC now and gaming with my old clanmates has become a priority for my main gaming PC. I have a G-Sync monitor from when I had a 980Ti and I'm missing that adaptive sync goodness. Plus the AMD drivers are killing the fun. So many issues, games crashing, system lockups. There was me the Linux users simply cursing Microsoft, Redmond and just about all things Windows. When I discover this is a known issue. Not only is this a known issue there is no sign of AMD getting it sorted. I have a great deal of love for AMD but damn they make it hard some times.

My budget will not stretch to a 2080 in any of its flavours. So a 2070 super would appear to be a good choice, budget, performance, the games I play and such.

So the question, which one? I don't want to spend more than I have to but I don't want one with known issues. So I'm here to consult the hive mind to find out which 2070 super to go for. I'm not after the last word in performance. I also don't want to overspend and I really don't want one with known issues.

I'm gaming on a 1440 165Hz G-Sync monitor and playing shooters like Battlefield and such. Eye candy is nice fps is better. :)

AlienALX 12-02-20 09:31 AM

2070 Super is pretty much identical to 2080 non super.


I have that card and it's excellent but not if you plan to go water. They used analogue power components which are bigger than the digital ones on the founders edition but that means nothing unless you want to go water.

If you do the block won't fit.

Otherwise? I'd either wait until next gen or, if you don't mind losing a little performance but still crapping on your Vega I would get this.


Mostly because it's only 10% slower than a super yet costs over 25% less. It's really not worth 100 more especially with the next gen coming this year.

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