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Ourroborros 17-08-18 01:20 PM

CoolerMaster 500m or 500p
Does anybody know if either of these cases has room in the roof for 240 radiator with fans in push pull config?? I've seen pictures that look like it's possible. Cooler would be a corsair h100x hydro cooler.

tinytomlogan 17-08-18 02:14 PM

Have you checked our review......?

Wraith 17-08-18 02:38 PM

Coolermaster H500M


Coolermaster H500P


Dawelio 17-08-18 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by tinytomlogan (Post 987531)
Have you checked our review......?


Originally Posted by Wraith (Post 987542)

Haha love it guys! :lol: ^_^

Ourroborros 17-08-18 03:51 PM

Yes I've seen the reviews but at no point does it mention being able to use 2x2 fans in the roof with a radiator. I was going to go full custom loop but I'm not confident enough yet and i haven't the budget for it with 2 cards to cool.

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