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FarFarAway 10-05-06 01:07 PM

Nintendo's Wii - update
I've been looking at the Wii video's and I'm pretty excited (oh dear that sounds bad)

Click Here

FragTek 10-05-06 01:21 PM

It'd be wayyyy better without the silly nublet controller... :rolleyes:

FarFarAway 10-05-06 01:35 PM

No...no it wouldn't

It looks awesome. If it plays as good as it looks I'm getting one :)

FragTek 10-05-06 03:14 PM

Kemp, you know deep down in your heart that the Rev's controller is the most gaytastic piece of console gaming hardware to have ever been unveiled in the history of consoles.

FarFarAway 10-05-06 03:15 PM

Nope it looks innovative and new and fun. Something different in a world of things that are all the same

FragTek 10-05-06 03:16 PM

It looks as if it'd do a better job pleasuring women than playing games... I'll buy one just to set on fire :)

enVias 10-05-06 03:25 PM

Most awesome console ever :O


FarFarAway 10-05-06 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by enVias
Most awesome console ever :O


Agreed Pat :D

mr_fishbulb 10-05-06 03:45 PM

Apparently there is a game lined-up called WiiSports. I bet it has nothing to do with what I think it's about :D

Ham 10-05-06 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by name='Kempez'
Innovative and new and fun



Originally Posted by name='FragTek'


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