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Daiyus 07-11-19 01:07 PM

Budget Gaming Tablet for Baldur's Gate?
I'm spending a lot more time away from home lately so I'm looking for some kind of cheap mobile gaming device to use whilst out and about.

My initial thought was to (finally) play the Baldur's Gate games, which are available on Android. My phone is the correct size for a phone, so too small to play a detailed RPG like this.

As somebody who has never shopped for a tablet before I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of a decent tablet that would play these games on a budget, preferably less than 100.

Many thanks.

tgrech 07-11-19 02:23 PM

The shipping is a bit long but there's a flash sale on the Teclast P10HD on gearbest atm, $99, free shipping, with a free $11 item of your choice included. The previous model (P10S) reviewed reasonably well, main complaints were weak 4G reception and only ~4 hours battery life at max brightness. Gearbest's site might look a bit iffy but I've used them a lot without issue before. It's got a 10.1" 1920x1200 display with a pretty reasonable A55 octocore based SoC and a 3GB RAM / 30GB storage setup.

Shopping link: https://uk.gearbest.com/android-tabl...831390272.html
Review of P10S: https://mynexttablet.com/teclast-p10-review/

Daiyus 07-11-19 02:41 PM

Thanks for the recommendation. It looks like a solid option at my price point. Greatly appreciated!

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