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Hyper 14-04-09 10:51 PM

OC3D Mail Down?
Hey all,

Long time no speak!!

Just thought I would quickly drop in and ask if the OC3D mail is working for anyone else,

As in @mhz.ms and the rest of them,

I ussually view my mail through Outlook but I am just getting a server error for the last few days,

Any ideas?

Thanks, Sam

Ham 14-04-09 10:54 PM

webmail works ok...

tinytomlogan 15-04-09 01:15 AM

I think Jim has put all the email on its own dedicated server now,

I had to change my outlook details to get it to work again.

Whats the 'number' in the first bit of you account seversettings in outlook dude? 1 or 2?

(dont wanna give the whole addy away)

Hyper 15-04-09 11:41 AM

It is 2,

Tried changing it to 1 with no joy.


Hyper 15-04-09 11:44 AM

Now that I have changed it to 1, Outlook can see a server but rejects my login.

Freak 15-04-09 12:24 PM

There is a setting that says something like "My server required authentication (or loggin in)" Try enableing that.

tinytomlogan 15-04-09 12:28 PM

1 is correct now iirc, use POP3 and "log on using clear text authentication"

Thats what mine is, other than that you need to get on the Jimbo hotline

zak4994 15-04-09 02:15 PM


OC3D has an e-mail server?

Where can I sign up!

maxw 15-04-09 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by name='zak4994'

oc3d has an e-mail server?

Where can i sign up!

tinytomlogan 15-04-09 06:36 PM

if you boys be patient there is talk of a oc3d members email like



ect ect, just give it some time and it will get posted on the forum if it happens

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