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PV5150 18-11-06 11:16 AM

Big GPU's Are Set To Die
Apparently, according to our source the end of the big GPU is nigh. Is there some truth to the matter, or is this just a pipe dream for some? Feel free to comment below...


Toxcity 18-11-06 03:57 PM

Sounds good to me!

Those 8800s are huge! :( And they look abit out..?

But yeah Smaller GPUs could be a bonus! :yumyum:

DragonMaster 19-11-06 03:35 AM

They started making one chip solutions with PCI cards and now they return to multiple chips, just like our old well-built ISA cards.

Hardware is also easier to hack and/or mod when you can access signals between different components ;)

Nagaru 19-11-06 04:00 AM

This sounds interesting, but it pretty much ends the unlocking of graphics cards. Also they are going to need some serious bandwidth between chips.

DragonMaster 19-11-06 04:05 AM

Don't forget the source! (The Inquirer)

Nagaru 19-11-06 04:13 AM

True this may all be junk, but if it is true the bad thing to is that the PCBs are going to be even bigger.

markkleb 19-11-06 04:50 AM

I say let em die, the 8800GTX would stick out of my case almost an inch..:)

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