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Old 30-09-15, 06:53 PM
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Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer Custom LED Memory

Everyone likes LEDs on their PC right? Today we have a look at Crucial's Tactical Tracer memory with M.O.D LEDs.

Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer Custom LED Memory

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Old 30-09-15, 07:30 PM
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I like the running lights at the bottom, those top LED's though are way too much for my taste
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Old 30-09-15, 11:12 PM
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If the RAM ~works~ well, then I could live with the lights.

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Old 01-10-15, 04:01 AM
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This RAM kit looks kinda sick IMO.
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Old 01-10-15, 05:00 AM
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The thermal monitoring and LED control is ace, the running lights get my thumbs up but the active top LEDs just remind me of those light boxes wedding discos used in the 80's. Also really great that DDR3 is still getting some love rather than the same treatment DDR2 got.

Still I'd grab as much DDR3 as possible now, before to long the price will go mental.
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Old 01-10-15, 11:08 AM
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looks sweet, but whats with the uber slow outro
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Old 01-10-15, 07:29 PM
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I've been running an 8gb set of these for a couple of years now. Cant fault it and the LED's are not overpowering although they do flash like crazy whilst gaming.
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Old 02-10-15, 04:27 PM
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Pretty cool, cheers for the review Mark.
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Old 04-10-15, 11:04 PM
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I'm running 4x4GB sticks of this stuff and I have no problems with it.
The XMP profile worked right out of the box and I'm running at 1866MHz 9-9-9-27.
I only have an InWin G7 case so the side panel is perforated and not a window but it creates a nice haze effect on the holes and at night it looks pretty cool when it beams on to the wall opposite my PC.
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