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Old 24-10-12, 12:26 PM
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BitFenix Ghost Review

So with October being the month of all things Ghoulish we thought we'd take a look at the new silent "Ghost" case from Bitfenix.

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Old 24-10-12, 04:01 PM
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Great review, been waiting a while for this review!
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Old 24-10-12, 06:15 PM
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Have to admit I kinda discounted this in my search for a quiet case due to that open mesh top. I don't really see how it can compete with the R4 as a purely "quiet" case with that open top?
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Old 24-10-12, 06:31 PM
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Been waiting for the OC3D review on this... Project chimp has its case. I LOVE IT!
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Old 24-10-12, 08:19 PM
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Thanks very much for the review. Would love to see Tom do a once over of it in a video as well.

He was the one that first put this case on my radar when he teased them while visiting Bitfenix way back when (Ghost and Prodigy)
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Old 25-10-12, 08:07 PM
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The case looks great overall. One small thing, though. I have one of those bitfenix LED strips 30cm white, and it is WAY too bright for me to use anywhere in or around the case (for my taste) it seems more suited for use as a flood light than for inside a case. The blue model is more subtle.

Did you ever find it too bright/distracting having two white strips at the bottom of the case? I know the bitfenix strips don't have a on/off so I could see it being distracting & annoying at night during work/gaming/movies etc having such an immensely bright light coming from under the case with no on/off switch.
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Old 27-10-12, 04:12 PM
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The LED strips are brighter than some on the market, but i didn't find them intrusively bright, perhaps because their light is focussed directly down. You're right in saying they don't have an on off switch, so it is assumed that the purchaser/installer wants them to come on automatically as the PC comes on.
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Old 01-11-12, 02:54 PM
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"made from that lovely soft touch rubber that somehow feels a little bit naughty"

Love that comment!

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