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Old 25-11-12, 07:55 PM
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Etlar needs help on watercooling.

So now it is time to get my hands on the watercooling things i need.

But i will like some help, my plan is to use the Corsair C70 black case. But all my things insite the case is also black and some yellow. From the MSI Z77 MPower there is some blue light, so was thing on to get that XSPC - Raystorm CPU block, so the light will work out.

And my 7970 card also need a block.

I have seen toms look on the chopper barbeds, but cant find the 45 angled.

Can any help me on this?

And what will be best to use in rads : XSPC - RX240/60mm vs Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 ?

And the XSPC - RS/EX240/35mm vs Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 ?

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Old 30-11-12, 01:05 AM
jamesyoko jamesyoko is offline
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Hi Etlar,

I cant speak for the XSPC but I would recommend you go for the NexXxos UT60, if there is enough room and if youre willing to pull out the dremel here and there, I would rather a Monsta 240. If youre planning to run a CPU/GPU look, and a single 240 you might want to look at a very efficient radiator. If youre not afraid to do some light modding, you will easily fit a 360 Rad into that.

Currently I am running a 3930K and GTX 690 on a single GTS 360 and I have to say that temps could have been much better had I gone for a thicker Rad. With the system fully immersed into a game, the graphics quickly heat up to 60-62, and water temps seem fairly on the hotter side of warm. I will be adding in a Monsta 240 in the next month or so.

Cant really help you on the barbs tho. Hope this helps!

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Old 12-12-12, 08:25 PM
Etlar Etlar is offline
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Location: Denmark
Posts: 679
Have all my parts home, just need to know one thing.

The place i buy my things says that i need to put all the things to getter and then clean it, but can i not just to it all bye it self ?..
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