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Old 06-02-12, 09:02 AM
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With their own RAM sticks Samsung have redefined what we consider Low Profile to be. Does the performance match up?

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Old 06-02-12, 09:19 AM
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This vlp isn't so much of a redefinition.

We have, and still are, using some (approximately a 1000) sticks of Kingston at this height to ""upgrade"" computers as a ""refresh"".

This stuff has it's place and uses, and I'm very surprised about not being able to use less voltage.

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Old 06-02-12, 11:59 AM
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wow!!! they're sooooo cute!!!

http://3dmark.com/3dm11/2716743 highest 2500k+560Ti SLI TO DATE!!!
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Old 06-02-12, 05:15 PM
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I have seen this ram (or similar one) overclock 2200-2500mhz and the timings reduced at 1600mhz.
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Old 12-02-12, 10:47 PM
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Nice review. These sticks do redefine what we think when it comes to low profile. It's a shame they don't perform better.
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Old 21-04-12, 12:17 AM
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I just got them, they are amazing.

1600 MHz C9 at 1.3v - I will try lower.

2133 MHz C10 at 1.45v

They not even warm at these settings.
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Old 24-05-13, 10:38 AM
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I've just seen this review and I can't believe you didn't play around with the timings a little bit more.... It's amazing ram and even more amazing performance for the money. This review really doesn't do this RAM any justice.

I paid just £95.00 for the 16GB kit.

I'm running mine at 1866mhz but below are the confirmed stable timings. I've heard of people running these sticks at even lower timings though:

- 1600MHz (7-8-8-24 1N) @ 1.40v
- 1866MHz (9-9-9-27 1N) @ 1.40v
- 2000MHz (9-10-10-28 1N) @ 1.45v
- 2133MHz (10-10-10-28 1N) @ 1.45v
- 2400MHz (11-11-11-28 2N) @ 1.50v
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