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Old 09-03-10, 11:06 PM
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Hi folkz!

I am about to begin building my new system that will have a liquid cooling. Obviously I am planning on overclocking my CPU (Ci7-860) massively. I already got most of the parts but a friend of mine suggested I should get cooling plates for the mosfets as well because there is a chance I fry them when OC'ing my cpu. Trouble is I have found so long only one heatsink for one row of my mosfets. So basically I got two questions here.

a) Do I absolutely need water cooled heatsinks for my mosfets If my scope is to get my cpu at least to 4.0Ghz

and if not

b) Since I have only found a heatsink for one of my mosfet rows would it be in any way harming my mainboard If I'd were to use on one row the water coooled heatsink and on the other one the stock heatsink? Once a water cooled heatsink for the unmatched row is released obviously I would go and buy that.

What can you tell me about this?

Thank you!

Oh and one a side not if you have knowledge of any mosfet cooling plates that fit onto both my rows please do tell me!

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Old 09-03-10, 11:33 PM
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You should hit 4GHz without much trouble at all really. Watercooling the mosfets isnt essential, they get quite hot but tend to be alright with the standard heatsinks. They do look pretty cool when watercooled though

For your mobo, I think THESE should fit. Otherwise Koolance do some universal blocks, Im looking at getting some but seem to be looking quite expensive for something thats not really needed!
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