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Radeon 5870 Useful Overclocking Tip And Bios Flash Guide.

After a little Research it seems that MSI afterburner can be used to overclock all reference cards past the CCC limit (Even with locked Bios') by editing the CFG file found in the Afterburner Installation Folder.

"Navigate to the folder you installed it to (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner) and open the MSIAfterburner.cfg file using Wordpad. Find the following setting:

"EnableUnofficialOverclocking = 0"

and change it to:

"EnableUnofficialOverclocking = 1"

This will allow us to bypass the limitation that stops you from passing the limits of ATi Overdrive (This tip was found on HWBot news). A BIOS flash is not necessary to do this, you just need to edit the file . "

Another Method is to Flash to the Asus Bios however this has warranty implications, but a reflash back to manufacturers warranty is also possible."

This Guide is also not my own work and is taken from the overclockers.co.uk Forum!

"With the Asus BIOS, you are able to use just the MSI tool to increase clocks over 900/1300.. I've heard that AMD GPU Tool will mess with the memory timings, so I'd advise NOT to use it.

Here is the ASUS BIOS


Here's the latest ATIflash


Here's the tool to format a USB flash drive


Here's the bootfiles I used

http://www.4shared.com/file/43544416...FILES.html?s=1 (Extract them, then make a folder called BOOTFILES, stick the extracted files into the folder)

Plug in the USB drive that you want to use.

Install and run HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

Select the USB Drive. In the "File system" drop down box, pick FAT32. Tick "Quick Format". Tick "Create a DOS startup disk, using DOS system files located at and click the "..." and direct it to the BOOTFILES folder you made.

Click start.

Once that's done, copy the ATI Flash and ASUS BIOS into the USB drive.

Restart your PC and boot from the USB Flash drive.

Once it's booted in type

atiflash -f -p 0 asus.rom (If you're not using crossfire)

If you're using crossfire, I'd suggest you flash each card individually."

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