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Old 04-05-08, 04:11 AM
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Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to put this, so I went ahead and put it here. So I bought a DVI to HDMI cable so I could connect my video card to my tv and it worked GREAT. I also bought an SPDIF cable, it has SPDIF on both sides. I have an EVGA 780i motherboard and it looks like on the back in the section with the audio stuff is an SPDIF connection. So I plugged that in there, and then to the SPDIF next to the HDMI on the TV. I get the video just fine but I can't seem to make the Audio work... Nothing comes out through the TV. I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 32. I looked at the little REALTEK Icon on the bottom right of the task bar and I hit the info button. It says its ALC888S I went and read about that and it mentioned having two SPDIF thingies, which my motherboard doesn't have. So I figure that must be the wrong driver. Is there anyway to get the audio driver straight from like nvidia or whatever for the 780i? I just used the CD that came with the motherboard from evga. I checked the bios and HD Audio is set to AUTO (only options are disabled and auto). Any help would be greatly appreciated, and urgency is of the essence. If I left any important information out please point it out so that I can correct this post. Thanks in advance!


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Old 04-05-08, 10:20 AM
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First of all, are you using a coaxial or optical (TOSlink) SPDIF-cable? And there should be a program in your controlpanel called Soundmanager or something like that (blue icon, if I remember correctly) if it's Realtek. There you should be able to choose what sort of cable connection setup you're using. I had the same problem with my Asus P5N-T Deluxe mobo (also 780i), but it turned out to be a faulty SPDIF-connector on the board (it was bent). After RMA and getting a new one, everything came automagically when I booted the PC for the first time. Anyway, check all of your sound-settings, then double check. If you can't find anything, then post back and well see if anyone else has a better answer to your problem.
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Old 04-05-08, 06:17 PM
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I'm using an optical cable. I've posted a picture up of my HD audio thing. The digital Output says (RCA) on it.. But also the buttons on the bottom right says HDMI output and an SPDIF input, the back of my board doesn't seem to have those. So I think the driver is incorrect or something. I tinkered with all the settings I could find and nowhere was I able to choose what kind of cable to use.
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Old 05-05-08, 03:46 PM
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Thanks for the help guys, it seems it must be something on the tv because I took my computer to a friend's house and plugged it straight into an amp, it worked fine. I must have to figure out how to select that digital thing on the tv...It doesnt HAVE to be plugged into an amp to work does it?..
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