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Old 04-12-07, 12:20 PM
lil_striker90 lil_striker90 is offline
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Im Still Alive :d

Hey everyone !

wow its been such a long time !

guess what ! iv graduated from yr12 now, buying a car soon, life cant get any better, going to start my career soon (drafting) and yeah. Just come in to check up and let u guys know how im going :P, its been such a while lol, i hope everything is well, even with the ppeeepz i dont know, HIII :d, kempez, vader, pv150,nick,davo, and to everyone else.

Anways i hope u still remember me tc peace

oh oh , everytime i visit ur site, it just gets better, bigger , well done guys , uv come a long way.

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Old 04-12-07, 12:27 PM
WC Annihilus WC Annihilus is offline
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I was wondering where our other Aussie went =O Grats on graduating and all that other stuff, and welcome back
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Old 04-12-07, 04:31 PM
FarFarAway FarFarAway is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
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Grats, welcome back and hope it's for good now
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Old 04-12-07, 04:33 PM
Joe Joe is offline
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Congratz ...

and Hello
I got 600 TFLOPS out a potato that i put in a Soc 775 mobo , proof? -- here is a picture of a piece of lint , surley that will suffice
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Old 05-12-07, 05:08 AM
AKtodaface AKtodaface is offline
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lol im back too whats up OC3D
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