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Old 26-07-07, 11:23 AM
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Intel develops high-speed silicon laser modulator

Intel today said that it has developed a laser modulator with a bandwidth of 40 Gb/s.


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Old 26-07-07, 11:45 AM
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Excellent stuff.

I`d be a tad more eager for the current tech to have real-life transfer rates that are closer to their theoretical claims.

It`s not as if this is immediately going to be used in the home, it`d more likely be based in some infrastructure. But as an example, if I stuck this in my home network, it has a 100mbit that operates @ 10mbyte/s (80% efficient), 1gbit that operates @ 20mbytes/s (16% efficient)...

Following the trend for m$`s awful tcp/ip v6 - 40gbit.. (8% efficient) @ 400mbytes/s.

It`s clear by the numbers worked in practice that the software driving it is based on something as old as the 10/100 tech, and I could smack an old lady about over the shame of it all tbh. Tcp/ip over firewire is just as crippled.

Are we prepared to think 400mbytes/s is great and take it ? When the theoretical ceiling is something like - 5000mbytes/s ? (I`m willing to bet we all take it)

Or will will camp outside m$ HQ and demand tcp/ip v7 be more efficient ? (fat chance)

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