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Originally Posted by barnsley View Post
an idea for a 'united states of europe' is more federal and conjoined compared to what the EU was set out to be (and before someone says it, we're a long way off of that, especially the UK). So I'd argue that this one guy doesn't have much of a roll in this. That is unless you consider the first person to suggest uniting a continent as one 'super state' as the inspiration for all plans for the EU.

Your history teacher might be a bit of a closet white supremicist judging by the websites that talk about Eijro btw . Websites like stormfront for example. According to those sites, hes the source of the great jewish plan to wipe 'whitey' out of europe. Amazing. Probably put me on a Government watch list now haha.
My history teacher is from Israel and Jewish so definitely not a white supremacist as he isn't white

If you think about it, VR is free unreal estate.....

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