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Old 01-03-19, 08:05 PM
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on board AMD or Intel graphics

hello all

i just wanted to ask if anyone here knows or uses on board graphics to run sketchup at all?

wanting to build a workshop pc and would rather not have to use a GPU just for sketchup if i dont need to as this will be the most demanding thing this pc will need to do as the stuff will be mainly website browsing, playing music/radio and maybe some tv

any help and advice would be great


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Old 01-03-19, 08:47 PM
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R3 2200G should be perfect on paper, though I do not know about SketchUp specifically.
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Old 02-03-19, 09:44 AM
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Yeah SketchUp runs fine on my laptops Intel HD4000 (Ivy Bridge iGPU) and there's no real notable difference in usability for SketchUp when I connect up the external GPU and use that instead (HD7870XT) so any modern iGPU from either company will handle it fine. I'd recommend you have at least 8GB of RAM though as SketchUp eats this already and using an iGPU will take upto another 1GB of RAM for VRAM so 4GB would probably cause issues.
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