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OK so back from bikes to computers. I need to loop up the Fury X. Few issues. Firstly the positioning of the GPU and how the hose needs to be. So I got this.

And will use the 45 deg I have as the intake. I am sure with the three I can work something out that works.

Then a conundrum. It's quite ironic. About ten days ago I was sitting at home typing from what I thought was a completed PC. Then the Fury X happened and I realised I had made a mistake.. The board I am using uses two 8 pin EPS. One for the 8 phases and one for the PCIE lanes. Now usually they have a 6 pin PCIE but no, Alienware had to go and bloody use two EPS. It won't post without it. I have this PSU.


I have the 600w model. 49 amps on the 12v rail, more than enough. Problem is the PSU has one EPS (as do about 90% of PSUs) and two 8 pin PCIE. So I cut up the second PCIE to make the second EPS. Cool beans ! lol then I got a Fury X which wants two 8 pin PCIE. DOH. Mind you, either way I would have had to mess around. I am not worried about current draw, because the CPU uses 80w and is locked to F. So I have ordered this.

I only want the plugs off of that. Then I got 3 sets of these (so 6)

And this.

I know, right now you are thinking "WTF is that for?". Click the link for the PSU again. The PSU is active and has a micro usb so you can monitor what voltage you are eating and loads of other cool stuff. I've never hooked it up lmao.

Oh I got this too.

I did think about outsourcing the cables. Then my pal Gareth (who saves my life all of the time. Seriously, a real true friend) offered to make the wires (male to double female splits) so I am going to braid them myself.

I contacted To The Wire and he gave me a big lecture on overloading etc etc. Yup, sorry mate forgot to tell you I'm a noob alright ! If that is the case then why do Corsair, EVGA and pretty much every one else make a single 8 pin plug with 8 single wires that then daisy chain to two f*****g 6/8 pins?

Makes you wonder huh? who is the noob.

Any way, that will be his lot. I don't like businesses that argue with you instead of actually listening and making the sale. If he wants to turn business down that is his shout.

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