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Old 19-02-20, 12:06 PM
Warchild Warchild is offline
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Random reboots during intense gaming

Ok so never thought I would end up posting for support on PC issues, but I am quite stumped at the moment as to what the issue is.

Main Issue:
PC randomly reboots during intensive gaming e.g. Division 2, Batman Arkham knight


Have a 7700k in a maximus IX Extreme going on 3 years now. Had this since release pretty much. Everything flawless up until now. And also purchased a HX1000i back in 2016.
Over Xmas 2019 I bought a 2080ti GPU (MSI gaming X trio). Again, no issues until this month.

Put everything under water like I usually do and once more, no problems, or leaks or anything like that.

Present day.
I purchase the Samsung NVME 2 Tb 970 evo plus. And this is where things go downhill.

When gaming in low intense games, I have no problems at all. Games like Warhammer online, or Destiny 2 run fine and smooth.

When I jump into something like Division 2, it will randomly reboot with no error except "your pc shut down unexpectedly". This is what shows in the view reliability history.

Steps Taken

* I hooked up the PSU to iCue to see if I can see anything odd and it does look fine.
Temps around 35C at full load, pulling about 500W.

* Ran the power stress test in OCCT and it ran through the entire 1hour run without a hitch. Same goes for 3D Mark benchmark tools.

* Performed a Mem86 test, windows inhouse mem test, and these both passed, including the mobo memOK test.

* Removed the NVME stick, sound card and ran one memory stick at a time. Problem persists

* Test with rolling back all drivers, fresh windows install, disabling win updates

* Tested with updating all drivers etc to latest versions

So I'm about to test my old GPUs and see if that is the fault, but if thats not the case. I have no idea which component is on its way out.

7700K @ 4.5 (even locking to stock still causes reboots)
2080Ti Gaming X Trio (default clocks)
16gb HyperX Predator ram (4x4gb)
HX1000i PSU

Not going to list the cooling stuff, but this is NOT an overheating problem. CPU is only 55C at max load when it is being pumped with 1.3V (set to auto just to see if it helped)

Anyone have more tests I can try aside from the old GPUs?

I don't have another component to replace aside from the gPU.

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Old 19-02-20, 12:47 PM
Damien c Damien c is offline
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That is certainly strange.

Recently I remember telling a friend to replace he CMOS battery when his pc would only power cycle!

I know it may seem wierd but it's a fairly cheap thing to try first before you start thinking about possible hardware replacements.

What I would suspect is the motherboard based of previous experience with Asus, it's why I never buy Asus motherboards anymore.

However if the CMOS battery is not the issue, take some time strip the pc out of the case if possible and rebuild it on a box and see what happens, another stupid thing that has happened in the past is, my brother in law built a pc and when the temp's started to rise in the case the pc would reboot, even though all the components were well within spec temperature wise.

Completely random things I know but when something seems strange look for strange answers they might just fix it
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Old 19-02-20, 03:58 PM
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Had similar issue in the past resolved by a bios roll back
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Old 19-02-20, 04:21 PM
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Is there a BIOS update available? with this UEFI business Windows can do things to the BIOS itself.

If you don't like what I post don't read it.
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Old 19-02-20, 04:32 PM
Bartacus Bartacus is offline
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Have you gone through Windows Event Viewer? There should be something in that mess that at least gives you a pointer.
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Old 19-02-20, 05:13 PM
NeverBackDown NeverBackDown is offline
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Check all cable connections?
Check bios updates?
Firmware updates for the 970 evo plus, since this is when the problem started?

If after that install is when things went downhill, do you have a spare drive you can install windows on and maybe try to replicate the problems with how the system was configured before that ssd was installed? Didn't see that listed specifically...

If you look through Windows Event Viewer it may or may not be helpful. You'll probably get a Kernel 41 error, which is entirely useless... hopefully it's not that.
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Old 19-02-20, 05:59 PM
Warchild Warchild is offline
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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Have you gone through Windows Event Viewer? There should be something in that mess that at least gives you a pointer.
Blank. Just says unexpected shut down, which makes me hope it isnt the GPU.
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