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Originally Posted by Pr3d4t0r View Post

I run on max software voltage 1.087 I can lower to a minimum of 1.07 but its not as stable over time, bare in mind i have the palit sonic platinum, and im actually lucky to push it that far, but i need to get something like gelid ice as it gets to that 70C at full load and 70% fans(62 on 100%)

and OCZ i wouldnt want to use a low quality psu but im probably gonna go with tx750 or 850 if i can afford it
the only reason i own it was because my old psu started to make noises and i didn't have much money to get a better brand, it was at such a good price at the time. it runs fine it would take a hungrier system than mine to put it under full load. I have never had problems with ocz, but that's likely because i've not used their ram or ssd'.

i was curious about your voltage so i could approximate the additional power draw becouse of it, but since your board cannot use sli, i would recommend a 7000 series card if you are still planning to upgrade. the reduced power draw, temps and drastically better architecture, if you cross-fire eventually they have a new feature which turns off the second card at idle which will reduce idle power draw aswell.

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