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Old 25-07-15, 07:32 PM
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you have 2 main options.
1 wire a resister in line, *these are sold specifically to reduce fan voltage form 12v to 7v or 8v or some other value depending on the resister.

2 Wire in a potentiometer. which is just a variable resister, these come in many different types, so have a look for them.

but again you do seem to be spending money on fans when a case would have been a better option.

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Old 27-07-15, 01:44 PM
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There are many ways to cool a PC. I guess most use the brute force method with noisy fans and high dust build up, yet the cooling is very effective. I tend to go for positive static pressure pushing small amounts of air into the cases though as many sources as possible (noctua fans), and then pull it out through the top with a slightly larger fan.

Works well for me, which means my PC is dead silent under idle and minimal use and there's hardly any dust coming in, as the heat is pushed out through all those small holes around the case, instead of being pulled in.
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Old 27-07-15, 03:35 PM
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It's very easy to rewire a molex to lower fan speed, at the moment your fan will be wired to yellow (12v) and black (0v) to run the fan at 12 volts. Just move the pin that currently connects to the black wire to the red wire (5v). That way your fan sees a voltage that is the difference between 12v and 5v, which is 7v. You still get good airflow but you get less noise. I run all my fans at 7v by doing this.
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Old 27-07-15, 05:04 PM
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As Davva2004 said, rewiring fans is easy peezy

I cover all possible pinouts in the Pinouts Request thread.
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