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Old 24-09-14, 12:39 AM
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Problem with POSTing

OK, so I received my Gigabyte z87n-wifi rev 2.0 m-ITX motherboard yesterday afternoon... I had plugged everything in and turned it on the first time. It worked, I booted into windows 7. After, as i had to finish off some wok, I shut her down and came back 3 hours after to change the aftermarket heatsink on, but before changing the heatsink, I decided to boot her up once more and then happened... the PSU fan would spin for a split second and then stop outright.

The specs are as below
R9 280X (Runs like a charm
8GB G.Skill (2x4gb) 1600mhz cl8
CX500 (I tested it out on a few other systems I have and they all booted up just fine.
Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI M-ITX Rev 2.0 (Booted up only once ?)
MX100 256GB SSD
Antec ISk600

I have run all the parts perfectly but when it came to booting the system up for a second time, she failed me spectacularly. I have tried clearing the CMOS by shorting the jumper pins multiple times and also taking the manual out as what the manual says.

PS: Don't say that the 280x was overkill for this system... I only paid $200 for the GPU which is a very nice price imo.

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