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Old 16-03-16, 02:41 AM
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z77 issues

Hi, Ive not posted on these forums for a while but I still frequent them as my first 'go to' for any advice needed. If I may bend your ears......
My 3570k and MSI Z77A-GD65 pairing is beginning to get tiresome for me with regards to overclocking. I can dail in a stable 4.6 at
1.38v (well enough in my opinion) But recently it crashes in game. Even with volt increases . This was always a stable point for this chip with plenty
of voltage overhead as I dont mind the temp increase as Im fully watercooled. I noticed a problem after flashing to bios 10.11 and even after rolling back to 10.10.
Both have less functionality in UEFI than before. Some tabs in the UEFI no longer working but stil present. ECO Mode?
If anyone else has had this with this board Id like to hear of it cos I believe theres some juice left in this chip.
The recent skylake i5 6600k build I did for my Brother overclocks on a dime with the z170-a. Great board and chip. Im waiting for next gen anyhow. Any feedback is appreciated

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Old 16-03-16, 08:32 AM
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Try running OCCT - if it crashes in that then its just not stable dude.

Dont forget there is more to consider than just the Vcore.
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motherboard, overcloccing

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