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Laptop upgrade WD dual drive

Hey guys,

want to upgrade my laptop to a WD dual drive and wanted to know if anyone else has and what the experience was like for you.

I'm nervous of the cloning procedure, what are the risks that could be involved aside from losing everything, do I need to reactivate windows / will there be problems there?

I have just bought an external hard drive for backing up should I move my files off the drive before i clone it and move them back after to the hdd so they aren't included on the clone?

what can i do to make the ssd as efficient as possible / last as long as possible such as defragging, disc clean up and other things?

what is the / is there any impact on performance of cpu ect for the second drive on the SATA connector?

how did you measure the size of the HDD space in your laptop, just pull the current drive out and measure the thickness of it or ...?
Specs seem to suggest the HDD I have is 9.5mm so the dual drive should fit I think

plus what about running out of ssd space, how do you set temp files and other bits to not fill up the ssd (if you can)? did a quick look of the system files and programs and they seem to be at about 104GB (110GB but theres around 7GB of temp files ive not cleared yet)

And i have an old laptop that has 6GB of ram that died is it worth swapping one of the 4GB dimms out for the 2GB dimm in the current laptop?

Read article that says that "As such the Black^2 is far from award worthy at the moment. If that price drops by £50, though, it'll be well worth a look." talking about it being priced at £230 and it is available on amazon for £134

Laptop specs: Acer Aspire 5755G
intel core i7-2670GM 2.2GHz - 3.1GHz boost
Nvidia GT630 with 2GB dedicated Vram
750GB HDD (Hitachi hts547575a9e384)
Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n
1 USB 3.0 port

Don't want to fresh load windows as i had masses of driver problems when I first got the laptop which took an absolute age to resolve

Thanks for your time

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