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Old 18-08-14, 12:39 AM
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New Build help.

Hey everyone,
As my first official forum post other than an introduction post,
I would like your assistance please.

My beloved rig of SKT775 died, which in some ways was a good thing as
a) I can finally upgrade my pc
b) Forget about the OS (Windows Vista x86)

In this topic, I'm going to try and kill two birds with one stone and fire out all the questions that I can think of at this present time.

What will I be using this rig for?
Primarally, Gaming. I would like the option to do some animation as it's something I have wanted to do for a while now. This rig must also be usfull for school work.

Now for the questions.
Q1) What are your opinions of this parts list?

Q2) After upgrading from a C2D, I want an i7, but do I need it?
I don't want to upgrade every or every other generation. I would like something that would last a while before being needed to be replaced.

Q3) For this setup, what would be better, 3x1080p or 1x1440p?
Im currently using a **** laptop and was using my TV as a screen (1680x1050)

Q4) My budget at max is around £2000. I would ideally like it to be less, but any suggestions as to what could be added and/or changed is welcome as this has not been purchesed yet, still planning.

I am planning to WC the 780 if I chose to go with that card (most likely I will as I love me some Batman gaming), but when I can afford the Block & Backplate, that's why I chose the Alphacool Kit.

Thanks ever so much for your help.

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