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Old 11-01-13, 08:54 PM
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Unhappy well that lasted....

you might remember me from my post the other day and i managed to get ubuntu 12.10 running on my machine...well it didnt last

The other day i was on my pc browsing the web and all of a sudden all of the text turned into 👉 shapes (squares). i instantly restarted my pc as i knew something wasn't right and when it tried to boot up again the splash screen seemed to freeze for a few minutes until eventually it came up with some boot options, so i tried all of them and on each one it would come of with some message along the lines of:

Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/a77f81e8-1163-4e88-816e-3bde661f7b5c does not exist
Dropping to a shell!

The computer then failed to do this.

The computer would occasionally boot up properly and seem to run fine, but ver rarely, roughly 1 in maybe 15 or so, but it would work fine when it got running.

The situation has seemingly now got worse as now it just displays a message saying something to do with 'hard resetting link' but then just seems to freeze on this screen. I still have the same issue with the splash screen.

I have also tried booting ubuntu 12.10 (x64) fromm a usb in live mode and it shows a purple screen with a pixelated picture of a keyboard and a man at the bottom but then proceeds to come up with the exact same error as before

I am in desperate need of advice and would greatly appreciate any help


p.s i dont really mind if i need to completely reset my hdd, there isnt anything hugely important on it anyway :P

p.p.s if you need any more info about my pc or situation just ask

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Old 13-01-13, 06:59 PM
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The easiest fix would be to follow these steps link to get past the purple screen when using the live usb and then reinstalling ubuntu.
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Old 14-01-13, 02:21 AM
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I had a similar issue with ubuntu but it took out my hard-disk. I had to replace it.

Crash, artifacts and then a buggered hard disk.

My crashes were caused by unstable display driver support. I dont suppose you were running an amd/ati card?
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Old 16-01-13, 05:53 PM
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Location: Norwich, UK
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I fixed the problem a few days ago, it turns out it was my DVD drive playing up :S I just had to unplug the DVD drive and reinstall ubuntu, and hey presto it worked! Only problem is I can't use my DVD drive now, which is a bit of a pain in the ass, but oh well, beggars can't be choosers!
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advice, fml, hdd, linux, ubuntu 10.4

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