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Old 30-09-17, 05:27 PM
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The Prototype

Hello. It was recommended that I come to this forum by Valkia, and Valkia's community (Twitch TV). I am not sure where to post this.

For the past 10 weeks I have been working on a refrigeration based cooler. (my design). I don't think it's fair to call it a true Phase Change cooler. I designed it to be used in harsh environments (hot rooms or buildings like LAN's). I did not intend for it to be a sub zero cooler.

Thats why I was struggling to figure out which forum to use.

The reason I picked refrigeration was because of the Room Temperature subject. I knew at the start that air and liquid cooling depends on that factor. A refrigerated based cooler thats insulated is not as bothered by Room Temperature.

Progress has been slow and steady but, I figured out the insulation, and condensation part at this point. Now I am working to figure out the cooling part.

I have an issue with that. I am using parts designated for recycling. I do not have all of the professional software that the testing labs have.

Despite the severe lack of resources, an i7 2600K test PC is up and running. It has held steady at 55 C (overclock and under load).

I think this is major progress considering its near constant, and I use absorption methods instead of a vaccuum. This helped me reduce the watt useage to 120. Alot of the Phase Change coolers I looked at were 300+ watts (LD Cooling and others).

I know that my knowledge is limited and I need to reach out.

What would be the best temperature to reach? I keep getting told random numbers by people. Some say they reached 40 C on Liquid Cooling (5820K).

If I manage to reach this temperature in the upcoming models, is there a company or person I could reach out to (to get help testing)? I am not looking for a review. I am only looking to be pointed in a direction.

What would be considered an acceptable cost?

Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Old 30-09-17, 05:43 PM
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It was me that mentioned about my i7-5820k @4.1ghz 24/7oc on a Corsair H110i GTX 280mm aio running 39c.

Glad you actually came here and posted as I am sure somebody here will be able to point you in the right direction.
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Old 30-09-17, 06:41 PM
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Ah ok. Of course!

I take my work, research or projects seriously. I always give it 110%. I don't quit until I know its no longer possible.

That sounds good. If I can finish this, then I can move on to my next project hopefully. All of the things I learn here, will be used in my Body Armor project. I will keep it rolling
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Old 01-10-17, 12:50 PM
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Anything below ambient will require insulation because of the risk of condensation.

The further you go below ambient the higher the risk of condensation causing a short

30-40c sounds like a great place to aim for, can you not make it adjustable?
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Old 01-10-17, 03:42 PM
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My prototype uses the insulation to keep the inside cold (protect it from heat). Condensation is handled by absoprtion methods. When I get to the Patent, I will be more open about its construction. I spent alot of time in this and I want to protect it a little.

I can try for 30-40 C. That will increase the power useage more than likely though. As I understand it.. The further it has to travel, the more power thats needed to push it.

With that in mind.. What would be the acceptable watt use? 300? 300 is the lowest I have seen with Phase Change coolers (so far).
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