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Old 22-08-21, 10:57 AM
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Exclamation Snake Eyes 2021 - ASUS / Paramount pictures giveaway build.

(Banner / Header subject to change)

This project is in co-operation with
ASUS Republic Of Gamers
Paramount Pictures
EK Waterblocks
XPG Global

Giveaway link: https://rog.asus.com/microsite/compe...TgQHRiJVMsQA6E

System specs (Subject to change)
Motherboard - ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme
Graphics card - ASUS ROG Strix 3080Ti
Case - ASUS ROG Helios
Power Supply - ASUS ROG Thor 1200W
Memory - XPG Spectrix D60 3600Mhz 32GB
Storage - 1x XPG 1TB M.2 Gen 4 SSD / 1x XPG 512GB M.2 Gen 4 RGB SSD
Cooling - Complete EK Waterblocks Package.

For The initial design, we've gone pretty simple due to time contraints (only a few weeks to do the build and being a father of 2 and working, this ultimately gave me around 6 days total)


I'll start by sharing images of the hardware that has already arrived and is in the build.

I've installed the CPU block and Memory for release images.
This motherboard should be available early next month.

Motherboard info here: https://rog.asus.com/motherboards/ro...extreme-model/

Graphics card:
Strix 3080Ti

More info here: https://rog.asus.com/graphics-cards/...-gaming-model/

Case / PSU:

Work time:

The very first thing i done, was remove the front glass panel and cut and etch the custom one.

This will light up the etchings, fading towards the top
Thanks to the light bar on the inside of the mount.

The company i originally asked to print and cut the snake eyes logo later declined to do the job, so i had to find another option and created my own.

i achived this, by vinyl wrapping red plastic with a brushed aluminium wrap.
Then etched over to burn off the wrap.

I then fitted a white LED strip behind the logo to get this:

Next up i needed to mount the res/pump from EK inside the system.
Easy job with this case, it's absolutely massive.

I created another acrylic plate, which i drilled 4 holes into to mount the pump/res to the plate.

There is also an LED strip behind this to make it glow.

Got that magical EK block installed.

FOr this build, we;re using soft tubing (ZMT) this is purely because of shipping, whoever wins this will have the system shipped to them and UK Couriers aren't known for being careful characters.


Using leather strips, i needed to mount the swords on the back of the Helios.
Here's one of the attempts.
(Oh yeah, forgot, by this point i had already vinyl wrapped with brushed aluminium wrap the back glass of the case.

FINALLY, i found a cleaner way and more effective way of holding the swords using the leather.

Where i'm at today?

Well, i've just finished the loop inside, we're waiting for the CPU to arrive to test run, install software etc.

Excuse the mess, as i said, father of 2 mucky kids.

And just finished the backplate for the GPU

Will update more when i have more updates to give.
Craig / MT. Mods

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Old 27-08-21, 12:27 PM
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WE are now at a finished stage.
Guess the wait is now for the CPU to arrive, and then box up ready to be sent to the winner!

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Old 27-08-21, 08:38 PM
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That looks chuffin epic!
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