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Old 27-02-21, 08:13 PM
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So my new design revision has the radiator placement slightly changed:

That's the EK SE240 ports being passed straight though the panel, as they stand proud of the radiator. The dimensions have been left loose at the moment, as I'm waiting to get the physical radiator in my hands to triple check dimensions

Now I just need to figure out the tubing path to be as minimalistic as possible.

Been a little quiet for a couple of weeks as I've been finishing a battle with a huge 3D printer:

I've had to start completely from scratch with it, coding and designing new parts for it, as it was totally unusable! After 2 months with it, finally got the first useable 3D-print out of it! If you're a fan of Joel the 3D printing nerd on YouTube, this is the bigger (1.5x1 meter) version of his troublesome machine.

Small update, there's really nothing like a good Noctua :

The colour match between the MDPC-X platinum grey sleeve and the redux & Chromax grey is just *chef's kiss*

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Old 28-02-21, 10:06 PM
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Exclamation The Project doubles & parts are ordered!

So, just because I've not got enough projects on the go (not) - I've decided to make this a scratch PC and Desk build log!

I've just recently moved into a new place in the city and space is at a premium, this is what I've got to work with, chair shoved in for testing a seated position:

And this is what I've whipped up in Fusion 360 tonight! I'll start to make it next week out of oak, see the Razer desk mat and drawers for scale (or the Jaffa cakes!):

I've edge-lit it with a channel routed into the back and right edges, and I've got some really nice daylight white LEDs left over from my 3D-printer cabinet build that'll do the job nicely

Also Friday was tax rebate day (Yay C19 emergency tax codes for new starters am I right? )

So, on the way from Barrow in HK is:

>ARGB Strips *2
>ARGB/Fan Controller - literally no idea if this will work as the description is super vague, but it's worth a risk at 8 quid!
>Coolant temp sensor - this will go into the unused outlet port on the EK FLT240
>16mm PETG hard tubing - ordered way too much because I'm a moron and will mess up a lot of bends
>Bending radius guides
>RTX3070 Ventus 3X waterblock
>Exhaust port - not seen or used these before, but looks like it'll be really handy for bleeding the loop without having to leave a port open
>16mm triple O-ring fittings in black
>90 degree rotary fittings FBWT-MR- really snazzy looking these ones IMO
>Silicone rod thingy for bending tubes
>Plenty of spare G1/4 plugs
>Tube cutter
>Tube end finisher
>A few pass-through fittings just in case
>CNC heatsink for the EK DDC pump

Stay tuned!
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custom, itx, scratch build, sff, watercooled

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