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Old 08-04-21, 04:11 PM
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Hadron Air and i9 9900k

Hi all,

Need common sense opinions. I have done several different PSU calculators and all seem to say I am well above requirements but my logic and experience says that these aren't right.
The Hadron is stuck with its 500w PSU as finding a good Flex ATX PSU to replace it with seems both difficult and expensive and I am just concerned that the PSU in the case is not going to be up to the job.
Not all parts brought yet but the end system should end up around the below

i9 9900k
Aurous z390i Pro Wifi
Palit gtx 1070 dual
a single m.2 nvme drive
2 non rgb 120mm case fans
2 dimms most likely 8gb models probably 3600mhz
and an air cooler, currently undecided either the Cryorig c1 or noctua NH-U9S

My head says 500w is going to be pushing it a bit but this might only be a temporary system depending if I can successfully mod the case later down the line by taking out the HDD cage and putting in a bigger PSU in its place, as I am on a budget (I got the i9 and Mobo for a steal) this might not happen for a while and i'll need something to keep me going until I can afford to do this.

you guys think i'll struggle? not planning on OC'ing at all really as the case is not really up for it
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